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Who is VSaaS for?

VSaaS is ideal for business owners and managers, and anyone looking to keep an eye on his/her valuables, assets and property. Uses include monitoring building entrances and exits, server rooms, inventory, car parks, reception areas, shop presentation, staff attendance or simply keeping an eye on day to day operations.

Perfect for night-time security

VSaaS is perfect for night-time security, or when you are away. It is also well-suited for multi-site operations. You can have cameras in different locations and view them via one interface online. Typical uses:

  • Retail chains
  • Business premises
  • Car parks and driveways
  • Bars and hotels
  • Inventory control
  • Holiday homes
  • Asset monitoring

Smart businesses have started using VSaaS to extend their security and make their operations more efficient and secure. Users gain peace of mind by having access to visual information at any time, wherever they are with the camera being an around the clock virtual guard if need be.

Compared to other video monitoring platforms, such as CCTV or IP-based systems, VSaaS can be more cost-effective since no recording device is required on site, meaning no initial lay-out, lower running cost and no maintenance.

Note that VSaaS is not suitable for continuous recording, e.g. permanent recording of a shop during opening hours.

Use cases

  • Bakery image


    Bakeries monitor the bread shelves to ensure the shops are kept attractive and freshly stocked. At night, the cameras provide protection against vandals.

  • Doctor's surgery

    Hotel reception

    VSaaS enables hotel managers to monitor activity at the reception desk, ensuring additional staff will be sent at busy check in and check out times, whilst video recordings improve the safety of the reception staff and night porters in their dealings with customers.