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How VSaaS works

VSaaS is an easy, smarter way to manage your IP cameras. It is a hosted platform, meaning that viewing, recording, playback and alert management is all done via the web. Your video footage is safely stored off-site and you need no recording software or video recorder. All you need is an IP camera, an Internet connection and a VSaaS account.

Key features

  • Fully web-based, fully cross-browser
  • Remote recording
  • Off-site storage on secure servers
  • Instant email alert system
  • Plug and play camera set up
  • Mobile access

Key benefits

  • Access from anywhere, any time
  • No recording device needed
  • Footage cannot be tampered with
  • Take instant action on security breaches
  • Just plug in and log on
  • Stay in control, always and on the go
How VSaaS works - diagram

Live viewing

VSaaS can support multiple cameras in one account and allows you to view all cameras on one screen. Full screen viewing can be available to make monitoring easy. Note that cameras can be in different geographical locations whilst viewable through a single interface, ideal for businesses with multiple locations.

Off-site recording

With VSaaS, your camera's video footage is recorded remotely, so there is no need for any recording to take place on site.

Recording is triggered by motion detection built into the cameras. On detection, video images of the event are sent via the Internet to the remote servers, where they will be stored. Recorded event footage is accessible to you via the online user interface. It's easy to use.

Email alerts

Not only does motion detection start the video recording, it will simultaneously alert you of the detected event via e-mail (and/or text messages via your phone provider is you so wish). This alert function can be switched on or off.

E-mails sent contain an image of the event so you can instantly assess whether there is an emergency. At this point, you also can simply login to your VSaaS account and see the event happening in real time, whilst recordings are automatically taken at the same time.

Mobile access

You can access VSaaS using mobile devices with Internet connectivity, such as the iPhone and iPad or Android, Live as well as recorded video can be viewed this way, so you can keep an eye on things on the go from wherever you are. It is great for piece of mind.

It’s plug and play

Plug in your IP camera to your network, log in to your account and start using it. It's hassle-free.

Advanced features

Viewing devices

Image of hand holding iPhone showing SecurityStation login page

Supported viewing platforms and devices

Windows, Mac and Linux - Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Safari, Opera.

Mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android.