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SecurityStation VSaaS Blog

Quicker Preview & Playback of Event Footage

December 9th, 2011 by Kevin

Today we have launched an update that makes your event footage viewable far more quickly. This means that your response to a potential security event is much improved.

To see this in action visit your Events page when you have an event ‘in process’ and you’ll see that the event is now available for previewing and playback far more quickly.

The most important benefit of this upgrade is that you can now view your video footage very shortly after the event took place and can take immediate action if required.

Your still image database, which takes a little longer to process and will show after a little while, is meant to be used for close observation and evidence purposes at a later stage. With the upgrade we have taken this order of priority into account. Video footage will be at your fingertips when you need it to make urgent decisions whilst the detailed, individual stills will be available when you come to collate the evidence you may be looking for.


The new preview state in the Events list


As we’ve said in previous posts we’re taking updates slowly to ensure that downtime is minimised, but there will inevitably be some from time to time as we roll out more updates. We’ll always let you know via a message on your SecurityStation account.

As ever, if you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear. Create a ticket via the Help tab, or call us. We always like to talk!

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