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SecurityStation VSaaS Blog

SecurityStation for Remote IP Camera Monitoring

June 17th, 2011 by Kevin

SecurityStation remote monitoringEach and every day SecurityStation ensures that hundreds of customers have an always-on live connection to their cameras. Remote monitoring is at the heart of SecurityStation’s cloud-based platform, and when we created SecurityStation we wanted to build a fully-featured, cross-browser mechanism for remote monitoring of live streams. What we’ve already built into the system is only part of the way there, but we’re now close to realising the full extent of this goal.

In the meantime, SecurityStation has at its core a rock-solid live view system which is indeed full-featured, cross-browser compatible, capable of supporting multiple resolutions, and able to display up to 16 different video feeds simultaneously. These feeds can be from plug-and-play cameras or manually configured cameras from several supported brands, all in different locations, all displayed at the same time. The remote monitoring viewer intelligently adapts to the number of live-capable cameras in your account at any time (inaccessible cameras are also supported) so no blank spots take up valuable real estate on your monitor. If you want to, you can even go full screen (with both the multiple view and single-camera view) for that welcome touch of traditional VMS.

Remote monitoring is a core part of every security system and SecurityStation eliminates the need for local installation of additional software. SecurityStation operates in real-time to ensure you won’t miss a thing, no matter where you are. Without a fully integrated web-based service like ours, the time delay between receiving an alert and logging on to view what’s happening is often too long. SecurityStation ties together alerts and immediate visual monitoring with a single click, providing rapid access to the information you need.

Turning off remote recording does not affect live monitoring, so SecurityStation can be used solely as a remote monitoring platform. That’s just what some of our customers choose to do, eschewing complicated local setup and dynamic DNS in favour of a quick to setup plug-and-play solution. The system’s heartbeat facility (designed to alert you if the camera drops offline, and again when it comes back online) coupled with its remote monitoring capability results in a robust live monitoring tool for a wide variety of requirements.

SecurityStation makes the process of web-based monitoring and recording intuitive and simple. We’ll be radically updating SecurityStation’s remote monitoring system in the coming months, but our focus will always be on that quick, intuitive core usability that our users know and love.

2 Responses to “SecurityStation for Remote IP Camera Monitoring”

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  2. Roger says:

    Curious what you would recommend for a set of 5-6 cameras that are Wifi capable of sending up to about 3 miles to a central location where they will be monitored. Also would like them to have motion alarms if possible. Recording isn’t that big an issue but having distance remote cameras is.


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