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SecurityStation VSaaS Blog

Free 1 camera account launched

May 12th, 2011 by Alex

Great news! We are introducing a free SecurityStation 1 camera account, opening up the service to network camera users who use software to record from their camera. Software is no longer needed.

Many IP cameras are sold with free 1 channel recording software. Users are required to install this software on their PC and keep this running to record footage and play it back. The new, free SecurityStation account does away with this requirement.

Owners of IP cameras can sign up to a 1 camera SecurityStation account free of charge and record and play back video footage without the need to install software or keep their PC running 24 hours a day. SecurityStation is web-based, meaning video recordings are stored on remote servers managed by us, whilst playback is done simply via the user’s SecurityStation account. There is no need to install any software.

Common software features, such as live viewing, e-mail alerts on motion detection and frame rate and image quality configurations are available within the SecurityStation service also. Benefits of SecurityStation over installed recording software are that no computer is required for recording or storage of footage, access to live and recorded video is much easier (also from mobile devices) and set up is a doddle with plug & play.

The free 1 camera SecurityStation account is available now, find out more about hosted video or sign up to get your free account.

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