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SecurityStation VSaaS Blog

SecurityStation updates for April 8th 2011

April 8th, 2011 by Kevin

Panasonic BL-C121 and BL-C230 in SecurityStation VSaaSYesterday we pushed live some important updates including wireless support for Panasonic IP cameras supported through our plug and play system.

Right now only two cameras are supported for wireless operation – the BL-C230 and the BL-C121 – but we will be adding to that support in the coming months.

SecurityStation users with either of these cameras will see a new ‘Wireless settings’ section on their camera edit page. Connected cameras already operating wireless are accommodated as SecurityStation intelligently copes with this and displays the existing wireless SSID and encryption type. The wireless encryption key, however, is not displayed for security reasons.
Cameras not operating wirelessly can now be easily made wireless.

In addition we pushed out some important updates and fixes including IE9 support for consistent event playback, a new ‘test access’ feature, a fix to the clickable unprocessed event bug, some iPhone fixes and various important payment mode issues are now also dealt with.

Along with the recent addition of plug and play and Digital PTZ for Axis IP cameras, SecurityStation just got a little bit better.

Panasonic BL-C121
Panasonic BL-C230

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