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SecurityStation VSaaS Blog

Feature feature: ‘Test access’

April 8th, 2011 by Kevin

With the latest batch of updates we released along with wireless settings support for Panasonic plug and play cameras we included a new ‘Test access’ feature.

This new feature was built for customers with wireless cameras to pro-actively check whether their camera is connected and online in SecurityStation, avoiding the necessary wait (albeit short) before SecurityStation itself picks up the camera. In short, if the camera is connected clicking ‘Test access’ will immediately bring the camera online within the account. It takes the guess-work out of camera installation and is particularly useful for plug and play where feedback from the camera is limited.

SecurityStation feature - Test Access

We’ll be hooking this up to work with manually added (port forwarded) cameras shortly.

You’ll find the new test access feature on the camera edit page.

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