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SecurityStation VSaaS Blog

Digital PTZ function now available in Axis plug and play cameras

April 6th, 2011 by Alex

SecurityStation now supports digital pan/tilt/zoom capabilities in selected Axis IP cameras with SecurityStation’s plug and play functionality.

While the ability to pause and take snapshots in SecurityStation has been present from the beginning, the inability to remotely operate digital PTZ in cameras has, up until now, been a restriction.

In many scenarios, having the ability to digitally manipulate the camera’s field of view is a distinct advantage. So we’re proud to announce that SecurityStation now supports digital PTZ in the following Axis plug and play models, with more to come:

Axis P3343
Axis P3343-V
Axis P3343-VE
Axis P3344
Axis P3344-V
Axis P3344-VE
Axis P1343
Axis P1343-E
Axis M3014

To give you an idea of what this new feature will look like on your screen, here is a snapshot:

We hope you find this new feature useful. We’re constantly looking to improve SecurityStation for our users, so if you have any feedback about our implementation of digital PTZ, or any other aspects of the service, please let us know.

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  1. […] Digital pan/tilt/zoom (DPTZ) for Axis IP cameras and wireless support for Panasonic cameras now also exist, plus a few additional features and fixes, SecurityStation can handle more and more cameras from these major manufacturers and sports a growing set of must-have features. […]

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