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SecurityStation VSaaS Blog

Plug and Play Support for Axis IP Cameras

March 23rd, 2011 by Kevin

We announce today that we have completed built-in plug and play support for Axis IP cameras within SecurityStation. The addition of Axis to the plug and play supported brands follows the success of this ‘ease-of-use’ feature with Panasonic cameras, introduced in August 2010.

The widening range of supported cameras means that SecurityStation plug and play has become available for camera installations of all sorts, including indoor and outdoor, static and pan-tilt-zoom as well as scenarios requiring vandal resistant or unobtrusive camera solutions. With Axis and Panasonic being our best-selling brands of IP cameras, SecurityStation plug and play has now become accessible to a huge user base.

The main benefit of plug and play is ease of use, both for setup as well as for modifying important camera settings. SecurityStation plug and play is for non-technical customers who wish to use cameras but don’t yet do so because of technical barriers. SecurityStation plug and play makes IP-based CCTV available to everyone.

See the full list of cameras with Plug and Play support in SecurityStation.

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