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SecurityStation VSaaS Blog

Goldilocks and the Default Event Recording Settings

March 8th, 2011 by Kevin

When you add a plug-and-play camera to SecurityStation, some default event (or ‘trigger’) settings are applied to your camera. Through extensive testing we came up with what we call ‘Goldilocks’ settings.

We think these settings are ‘just right’ in that they won’t trigger too often, but won’t miss too much in low-movement scenarios.

Motion detection settings window

However, these average settings are not right for all cameras. Video motion detection (VMD) is the most common way of detecting whether activity should be recorded and getting the settings right is a trial and error process (see screenshot). Our Goldilocks settings only go so far, so we encourage you to tailor your VMD settings to suit your situation. SecurityStation’s default settings are designed to work best when there is supposed to be no movement occurring, so that when there is movement this is detected and events are generated. If you’re putting a camera in a high-movement area then these settings will result in the camera frequently triggering recordings, making it very difficult to filter out what you want to see from what you don’t.

So, after adding your camera(s) to SecurityStation, take the time to get your video motion detection settings right in relation to the view the camera has and for the kind of movement you expect to capture. Consider the size of the object involved, the sensitivity of the trigger and the area you want to cover.

Once you’ve set up VMD for your camera, make regular checks to ensure that everything still works as you expect and that you don’t mentally background your security system. This is good practice with any security system and SecurityStation is no different.

2 Responses to “Goldilocks and the Default Event Recording Settings”

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