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SecurityStation VSaaS Blog

Feature feature: Multi-camera view

January 14th, 2011 by Kevin

In SecurityStation it’s possible to view all your cameras live, at once, and in full screen. SecurityStation’s multi-camera view is the centerpiece of its security monitoring capabilities. All online cameras are viewable both on their own and within a grid view containing up to 16 cameras.

Screenshot of multi-camera viewer

The multi-view brings at-a-glance monitoring and surveillance to VSaaS for the first time. Now, just a quick log in can tell you what’s happening in the areas being monitored. Joined with SecurityStation’s alerting system this provides a powerful surveillance mechanism giving you further control over your security system.

With SecurityStation cameras can be in different geographical locations, and with the multi-camera view you can see them all at once through a single interface, which is ideal for businesses with multiple locations.

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