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SecurityStation VSaaS Blog

Exploring the VSaaS paradigm

January 13th, 2011 by Kevin

At NW Systems Group we like to do things a little differently. We are leaders not followers and we base our decisions on what our experience and knowledge tells us about what products and services our customers are looking for that deliver the best in quality, service and, ultimately, satisfaction.

With SecurityStation our approach to VSaaS is a paradigm shift away from clunky desktop-style interfaces and on to warmer, friendlier, more perceptive user-focused surveillance. SecurityStation is a web-centric application designed to bring VSaaS well and truly into the online realm. It’s a true online application in the sense that it retains only the best, most appropriate features from traditional, locally held security systems, and as we go, SecurityStation will grow with the web as its platform and with the browser at its heart (more on how SecurityStation breaks the VSaaS mould will come soon).

SecurityStation’s stripped-back approach means you can understand how the system works very quickly and you’re no more than a click away from what you’re after. Its cross-browser support means there’s no obscure installation procedure of any kind – it just works – while its support for mobile devices, whilst currently only covering the iPhone and iPad, will grow over time.

We’ve designed SecurityStation around ourselves as a typical business with a requirement for online monitoring of its security cameras. As a business owner it gives me peace of mind. As an end user it does exactly what I need it to do and it does it without fuss or complication.

It couldn’t be easier.

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